V. Peters

V. Peters is the world’s most unprolific writer.

That is not entirely true. She has three unpublished novels in a drawer, half an unfinished feature screenplay, one unproduced but completed short screenplay, one produced short screenplay, and a banker’s box full of journals which could be published post-mortem should anyone care. She contributes to and edits this blog while simultaneously maintaining two photography feeds, not to mention a twenty-five year career as a film set designer and art director. She also not-so-secretly writes as Agnès de Savigny.

She is best known for her time on staff as a local events writer at favourite Toronto blog Torontoist.

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All her Torontoist work is archived here.

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Following is an article contributed to Heritage Toronto (with photos, not shown) about the neglected houses on Glen Road.



Retired Photo blog Cell Phone Diary.

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