“Monkey See, Monkey Say” is the writing blog for author V Peters who writes under her own name and under the pseudonym of Agnès de Savigny.

So far, this blog has focused on getting published for the first time. Now that I’ve succeeded in self-publishing the first romance novel, the blog has become the public face for a published author rather than the quiet musings of a closeted one. There is a long road ahead to the point of calling myself a successful author, and plenty to learn.

I write because I enjoy the process, the stories, the characters, the staying at home and watching it rain outside as my mind drifts with the wavy monster-branches. The words are for me.

Publishing is an entire different game. Then there’s the publicity that goes with it. I hope that sharing my experiences will both serve to bolster my confidence and help to inspire other writers who want to reach a bigger audience.


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