Ready for Release, Except …

I made a last minute decision two weeks ago to offer my first Romance in print (on-demand) as well as e-Book. I may be old-fashioned and attached to the tangible or I just couldn’t get past wanting to share a copy with those who haven’t embraced an e-Reader.

Either way this set me down the path of the bureaucratic waiting game. I already knew that the Canadian Library Archives distributes ISBN blocks to publishers within Canada at no charge, but until I did my research I wasn’t aware that the first step to a block of ISBN’s was creating an account as a publisher (with a Canadian address). The writer of one of the blog posts I read in researching the steps mentioned that after applying they had received approval on their account the next day. However, at day 6 I now believe that next-day approval was a fluke. The Archives site says the wait can be up to 10 days, so I am still within the stated period. Should everything proceed by the end of next week then my publishing deadline of November 7 will not be effected. Another blog I found helpful revealed that a single person ran the entire ISBN registration process at the time of application. That blogger did not admire Canadian bureaucracy. Ironically, I have an entire chapter of my novel dedicated to it.

A self-publishing individual is counted as a publisher, so while self-publishing authors are eligible to acquire their own blocks of ISBNs, they must be aware that the information they submit as a publisher becomes public record. The first blog mentioned above advised getting a PO box to maintain privacy. I thought that excellent advice and spent the first money so far towards publishing. The private address became further useful when I registered with CreateSpace and Amazon as a publisher.

While I waited for a response, I added the electronic table of contents in my eBook manuscript and then uploaded it to my account at Amazon. I added my electronic book cover. My manuscript is saved as a draft until I get the ISBN number (the number has to go on the copyright page), at which point I will upload the revision. Amazon allows the draft upload for preview with a pre-release, but also requires an expected publishing date. My final draft must be up by November 7 in order to meet an anticipated November 14 release. The pressure is on.

And while I waited further, I revised my e-manuscript back to print format, and added a back cover and spine to my cover artwork. I created an account with CreateSpace and uploaded both the print manuscript and new cover art for preview. The print manuscript needed several changes but with some revisions is now ready for release. But I can’t proceed further without the ISBN.

Until then… I’ll be writing the next novel during November’s NaNoWriMo!


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