Cover Art for “Tempt the Ocean”


Weeks of thumbnail sketch designs and stock photo downloads and image file searches and Photoshop filtering and colleague input have led to this: a final cover design.

It’s not what I started with, but is a second stab starting from scratch and following an idea I didn’t go for the first time around. But I like it. The design is clean, simple, graphic, and edgy. There is a nod to both romance and risky adventure in the imagery. The visuals lure the reader.

I went through colour charts and photo layers and a more traditional Romance genre cover before I scrapped it all and got to this. I had thought about developing three different covers and putting out a poll to get some feedback, but this version is so far superior to the others that I’ve gone ahead and decided myself. Yes, the cover is non-traditional, but so is the romance. The solo diving figure reflects the first-person POV of the novel. The diving down to the unknown reflects the dangers the protagonist faces, often alone. I’m very excited with the bold look.

Next step is to get the cover, the manuscript, the descriptive blurb, an exciting excerpt, and the author bio all up to the Amazon site and announce a release date!




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2 responses to “Cover Art for “Tempt the Ocean”

  1. Wow absolutely gorgeous, good choice!

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