Pre-Press Publicity Begins…


Last weekend I sat down and created a Facebook page to help promote the new book. The page doesn’t represent the book itself but rather represents me as an author. This allows me to promote this first novel and then myself, and then any future publications as well. I’ve written my romance under a pseudonym, Agnès de Savigny, so I created the author page for her. I act as administrator. And act as Agnès if necessary.

This posed an interesting challenge when I realized that I had to face up to writing the bio for my pseudonym. What is pseudonym biography protocol? Can I make everything up, since Agnès doesn’t really exist as a person?

Although there is no real Agnès de Savigny, she is in effect, me. The best advice I came across was to use elements of my own life experiences that support the content of the novel—i.e. what can I say about myself that would let potential readers know I can write well about the subject matter I do?

I spent days going over what that could be until I woke up the one morning knowing exactly what to write. Facebook buries the bio halfway down the “About” tab of the Author fan page, but now I have a bio I can use for the back of the novel and for the author page that I will have to create with Amazon.

Meantime, work continues on the cover of the novel. The decision to take on the design on my own slows down the process due to lack of available free time. But I have a font I like, and I developed a pair of hand-drawn letters for the title characters (that’s “characters” in font-speak, not literary-speak). The images need more work, and until that gets resolved I can’t publish. But I am getting close!


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