Following Up Leads

At the beginning of the year a colleague of mine offered to introduce me to a family member who works in publishing. I jumped at the chance and she kept her word, putting us together in cyberspace via email. She lamented that she had done this for many people before me with few of them following through. I promised – to her and to myself – that I would not be one of those deadbeats.

The follow-through took me five months. Initially I pulled up the first thirty pages of my first draft manuscript and did a quick read through. It needed some editing. Fair enough. That was the easy part. I had also been asked to send a one page synopsis. I sat on it for four months, re-working the outline and squeezing it down to four pages, then to one and a half, then to one. I left that one page for a while, unsatisfied. I shared the single page with my writing group, who gave me some excellent feedback and encouragement. I rewrote the page in its entirety.

I sent all of it off this week – the first thirty pages, the one-page synopsis, my contact information. I know that I have been afraid to share the work because I am afraid of what his opinion will be. Now at least my contact will be able to form his own opinion about the work instead of me pre-supposing his negative response without giving him the chance.

Who knows what the outcome will be? Regardless, I am going to congratulate myself for following up on an opportunity. Every lead is a blessing that deserves at least that much.


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