Writing Groups

One of the best sources of support for writers is other writers. I was lucky enough to be working with a great group of writers a little over a year ago, and so many of our conversations involved writing or language that it was impossible not to walk away with the glow of inspiration. The work, while a lot of fun, wasn’t full-time or full pay and unfortunately I had to move on to other occupations that could offer me that. Not having that constant feedback or motivation has taken its toll – so what’s another option?

A week ago I was at a mixer for digital interactive designers. I fell into a conversation with a woman I’d met there the last time, and before long we were talking about writing. She mentioned she was looking for other writers to start a new writing group, and invited me to come check it out once it got going. I’m excited about being around writers writing again – and for the kick in the pants that comes from mutual support. I’m looking forward to writing regularly. I’m even glad that going to a writing group has given me the excuse to write a new blog post.


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