Writing Short Films

I’ve written a number of short films, some of which I’ve shot, and some of which I haven’t. The last one I shot I ended up funding myself and $15,000 later knew I didn’t want to have to make that choice again. The investment was worth it as the film was designed to be a calling card for future projects – the proof that I could take an idea all the way to a finished piece. Being scammed by a cheap transfer house was not. The film print looked beautiful, but it turned out that the I was sending festivals a muddy copy, nearly 30% off its RGB balance. None of my submissions was accepted, and finally I got a call from the WTN asking if I’d done anything else as they liked the work but couldn’t broadcast the low quality. I re-transferred the print with great results, but the rejection disappointments had sucked the motivation out of me. I didn’t even write any for a while – until recently.

I have two new(ish) completed short scripts sitting in my drawer. I submitted one of them for a live script-performance session last year. The script was accepted and turned out to be a big hit with the crowd (and the actors). I haven’t been able to convince anyone to co-produce, even though discussing the idea has generated some interesting avenues of other possibilities.

But I thought, “What about publishing the script itself? It is a piece of fiction, after all…”

So early in the fall I wrote to Broken Pencil (a publication that features a variety of written forms and usually has a good sense of humour) and asked if they ever published stories in script form. The editor was kind enough to write back to say they hadn’t, but that if it was really good they would definitely consider it. I put the script in a format that fit with the magazine’s requirements and sent it in.

I still haven’t heard anything back.


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