Starting Out

I thought it might be interesting to blog about my attempts to get published (in print) for the first time. It might only be interesting for me, but at least I can feel like I have some way to share my frustrations, my disappointments, my misgivings, and eventually (I hope!) my exhilaration. The blog won’t be entirely about how i submitted a manuscript six months ago and haven’t heard anything yet. (I’m not even there yet.) Due to my wrestling with easy distraction, I will have other things to talk about. Like helper monkeys for the easily distracted.

I still remember the first sentence I ever wrote. It wasn’t actually a full sentence—merely a statement to help describe a scribble I had made—but it was the first time I had independently strung a number of fictional words together. I wrote: “The inside of a mama bear’s head.” I don’t why it was a mama bear, but I do clearly remember that the description was really a post-rationalization of a happy scribble accident. I had never set out to draw anything in particular, let alone a bear head and all its contents. Thought I should write it down before I forgot what I’d seen.

I’ve written a lot since then, but never tried to publish. I don’t know why. A few years ago I picked up a submission form off a coffee shop counter for something called the “Three Day Novel Contest.” If the Lost Weekend was possible, why couldn’t I also pull off a novel in three days? I had all the prerequisites: a free weekend, an idea, complete insanity. The novel got written and did pretty well, although it didn’t win. I’ve written one other three-day novel since, plus a three-year trashy novel that I’ve had more fun writing than anything else (probably because it has graphic sex in it. And pirates). So now I have three drafts of finished novels. I haven’t tried to publish any of them. I don’t know why.

It’s time to change that.


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